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Breaking Bread Sign-ups

September 24, 2017

Breaking Bread is a small group opportunity for individuals or families attending Harbor Life to get to know each other on a more personal level. Every three months, groups consisting of three individuals/families will be connected and together will coordinate where and when they will meet over the next three months. Each group will have a volunteer lead who will help coordinate and communicate to the group. We encourage each individual/family within the group to rotate “hosting” once a month. You can choose to open up your home, meet at a local park or restaurant, go bowling or roller skating. Groups can decide if they want to meet and include children or have an adult night together. ¬†After three months, there will be a new opportunity to sign-up and groups will be shuffled and reassigned. This round runs from October through December. Deadline to sign up is Sunday, September 24.

Click here to sign-up. Questions? email info@harborlifechurch.net.